Mithycal Roads

My journey begins in Bamako, which means “the Caymans River” in Bambaras. Even though Bamako isn’t a megalopolis like Dakar or Abidjan yet, I’m still very quickly getting caught up in the city’s energy field. Bamako is about to become the cultural capital of Western Africa and benefits from Mali’s relative political stability. I […]

Lonely Planet Six Degrees

It’s the people who live in a city, the lives they lead and the stories they tell that give a place soul. In each episode we join an independent traveller who enters the heart of a city by immersing themselves in the lives of the locals. Each Six Degrees journey begins with a single […]

World’s greenest homes

Think it’s impossible to be green and glam? Well, think again…and feast your eyes on this! Because the World’s Greenest Homes prove that luxury and ecology can exist under the same roof!
From temples of glass and steel to palaces made from pressed earth and recycled blue jeans, these visually stunning one-of-a-kind residences from around […]